How to colour match your sugru [pdf colour mixing chart]

Does sugru also come in purple? Pink? Orange? Green? We get these kinds of questions quite a lot and the answer is always: Yes! - How cool is that? Here's a handy colour mixing chart that can help you get the shade you want:

Colour Mixing Chart

In April we introduced the new primary colours and since then sugru comes in black, white, red, blue and yellow. We see many hacks in these colours and we love them because they are nice and bold!

Sometimes you need something different, though.

Kevin from Malmö fixed his favourite melamine tray with colour matching sugru strips:

He writes: "I had dropped this melamine tray so that a whole raised and rounded corner had broken off in splintered pieces, and we had despaired of ever fixing it. What's more, there's a stripy pattern to it that one just couldn't match in, say, laquer paints. Well, using your colour-mixing guide and some trial and error I rebuilt the corner strip by strip; let it harden overnight; then trimmed and smoothened with knife and sandpaper. I thought maybe I'd have to avoid holding the tray by that corner but I was wrong: the sugru is more pliant than the melamine, but it takes its share of the weight. But most impressive of all - to us and to all our guests - is the incredible colour match that the attached photo bears witness to. Our beloved tray is back in service: bearing its burdens with pride and spreading the sugru story! "

Antenne from Berlin made a necklace from sugru colour swatches:

"I took all the new to me colours and mixed them schematically into some sort of blobs. As I did this, I was wondering what to do with all these precious blobs. My mobile already had some ruggedized edges, my handle was fixed, it wouldn't stick to the textile I had been puzzling about etc. So, with a knitting needle at hand, I just started to make some holes in it to thread the samples up. And voila, there they were: the beads, although I never intended to make some. Threaded them up on a necklace already during curing process, and this morning they are ready to go!"

If you've ordered sugru before, you might know that there was a booklet included in the packaging, called "7 steps to become a sugru guru". To save paper, the information from this booklet is now printed on the cardboard sleeve of our new packaging - the only thing that didn't fit was the colour mixing chart that was also part of this booklet. But we know that many of you - like Kevin and Antenne - do projects that involve colour mixing and colour matching, so here's our colour mixing chart for you to download and print!

What's your favourite colour? Have you done a sugru project that involved colour mixing ?

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Hi Tara! I've had a go at mixing sugru to achieve a skin colour. The result is alright, but there's surely room for improvement when you mix it yourself! Best start with white and then gradually add yellow and red, plus a little bit of blue to balance off the colours.

I took one full minipack's worth of white sugru, opened the other colours and cut the sugru into quarters with a scalpel. Then I mixed in just less than a quarter of a pack of red, a quarter-and-a-half of a pack of yellow and a tiny bit of blue. I'll upload a photo of the outcome at the bottom of your question in our Q&A section:

  • Susanne
  • Susanne
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What proportions would you recommend for mixing a skin color? pink with a bit of orange maybe? or a combination of red, yellow and a tiny bit of white? I want to make ear molds for my painful in-ear hearing amplifiers.

  • tara
  • tara
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Hey! When did you change the colours? My last order included orange and green and I cannot mix red and pink with it :(

Do you have a mixing chart for the old sets?

Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Very useful information specifically the last part :) I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

Thanks for flagging this for us! Yes, there was a slight mistake in the link to the pdf, it's fixed now! Sorry for that!

I can't get the PDF to open, not even in Dropbox. I get error 403, "need to sign in" and even when I do I still don't see the PDF.

  • Ian
  • Ian

Yes, the pdf is located on a public dropbox folder, you don't need to be logged in to access it. Do you see the pdf? If you move the mouse over the pdf, there appears a toolbar, when you click on the disk button, you can download it.

Hope that helps!

I've made my fav shade of purple by mixing 50% Red, 35% Blue and 15% White. Loving the primary colours!!

  • Jonathan Wilson
  • Jonathan Wilson

Great job guys!

  • Aris
  • Aris

link for colour mixing chart isn't working for me - it's bringing me to dropbox and although I've an account there, I still can't get it :-(

  • Sadhbh
  • Sadhbh