sugru is evolving! We have a new look and new packaging too.

You may have noticed in the last few days that the sugru website and packaging look a little different :) I'm excited about these changes and what they mean so I thought I'd share some of the details and thinking behind them.

Bringing new people into the fixer / maker way of life sugru's been out in the world a little over 2 years now, and in that time, thanks to you the community, we've learned a huge amount. I'll go into a few of those things below, but let's start with the big picture part. sugru's first users are natural fixers and makers, and that's been a fantastic piece of good luck for sugru, because one thing we know now is that fixers and makers are some of the most enthusiastic, helpful and can-do people around. Over the last 2 years, this optimistic, can-do spirit has grown up around sugru, giving it the potential to inspire more and more people to take a hands on approach and fix and improve their stuff for themselves. Our mission from the start has been to help as many people as possible around the world to become fixers, not just because we want to reduce the amount of waste in the world, but because we believe that fixers have the mindset that can help us all solve not just the small problems in our own lives, but the big problems the world faces too. To bring that mission to the fore, we've got a new motto: The future needs fixing. We love it and we hope you do too! (*)

Expanding into retail, clearer communication To help us appeal to people who haven't yet tried fixing, we've made our packs much simpler and clearer, so we can reach people through traditional retail stores as well as online. It should also help friends and family of fixers to understand sugru, and hopefully to ask for some :)

Helpful packaging, designed for repeat usage The best packaging is helpful throughout its life of use, not just on the shelf in store. We've tried to bring this idea into the new design as much as possible. The clear bag is re-sealable so you can carry the pack confidently in your bag, the outer card shows tips and tricks as well as important info and of course inspiration for other problems sugru could help you with. It also wraps around and closes itself with a simple tab, so the pack stays strong and self-contained when you've only used up a few of your minipacks so far.

Better for the environment It was important to us that we improve the environmental impact of our packaging, not least because so many of you requested this. To keep sugru fresh, we need to use a triple layer foil laminate for the minipacks, and this isn't recyclable unfortunately. So we've worked hard to make the rest of the pack recyclable - the clear bag is OPP and the wrap is FSC certified recyclable card.

Diversity of user groups = design challenge Lastly, one of the things that we all love most about sugru, is also what makes it a big challenge to communicate simply... the diversity of users and uses. When we launched sugru, we didn't know yet who would use it, and what they would use it for, but over the last two years, groups of users have started to emerge, the biggest of which are Gadget Lovers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Home Improvers and Designer Makers. Online, we hope to be able to customise content fairly easily, but for packaging this is a challenge, it needs to be relevant in the store it's in and communicate the benefits within 10 seconds. We couldn't have a pack showing a steam iron fix in an outdoor store, who'd buy that? :) So the clear bags containing minipacks are the same for each group, but the outer card has been customised.

*For those of you who still love our old motto HACK THINGS BETTER, don't worry, we still love it too. We'll continue to use it for some things, and we'll keep making the t-shirts for example so if you win a contest you'll be able to choose it.

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Other people's comments

Just received my first order with the new packaging. I have to say I miss the old silver pouches with their excellent seals; ideal for storage in the fridge, no sticky residue on the back, and no unnecessary packaging.

This time, I have 4 pouches with a sticky adhesive line on the back from removing them from the card, and 4 superfluous cardboard carriers, which went straight in the bin. OK, I can store the pouches back to back in the fridge, to avoid them sticking to anything else, but the cardboard carriers are an avoidable waste. :(

Still a fan of the product, though.

Thanks for the suggestion, Joe! What about the pictures on the packaging, do you find them helpful?

When you put that in the retailshop you should also a real sample of a Sugru hack on the stand / rack or hanger. Because I couldn't get a clear idea what the result is from the descriptions.

  • Joe
  • Joe

Sharon, there will be other discounts and sales in the future, I'd suggest you to follow us on twitter and Facebook, so you don't miss the next! We also have interesting stories about making and hacking and of course sugru to tell.

Kathi, thanks for the feedback! As Jane wrote, "hack things better" is not going away, we still love that slogan, too!

When we changed the pack sizes from 12 to 8, we did that because we had feedback our users that they weren't able to use up their 12 minipacks within the shelf life, so this was mainly a measure to avoid waste and give our users a pack size they could use up in time.

Thanks for your feedback, Mikael. We're always on the lookout for stores where people might want to buy sugru. putting Maplin's on the list

No, but we now have the 3 x 5 g starter pack if you want to try out a smaller amount of sugru first. And I'd suggest to follow us on twitter and Facebook, apart from interesting stories about sugru and making and hacking we also offer discount codes there from time to time!

Will you be putting Sugru on sale like you did a few days ago? I was bummed that I missed it.

  • Sharon Weinberg
  • Sharon Weinberg

I think the new packaging looks very neat and obviously you put a lot of thought into it. Personally I liked the relaxed look of the old logo and packaging better, though. And the "hack better" slogan.

At least now there is less danger of mistaking the bag for the 12-piece one. I also wanted to mention what Rob pointed out - I did not find it a nice move to put 8 instead of 12 mini-packs in a bag that looked exactly the same, even for a somewhat higher price.

  • Kathi
  • Kathi

Great product idea! I have yet to try it. Any sample give-aways?

  • Andria Police
  • Andria Police

fix it, update it, hack it better Sugru is design in a packet :)

  • decyrano
  • decyrano

I like the new design but I sure am going to miss the big silver bags -- very useful for keeping things dry with that excellent seal.


  • James Floyd Kelly
  • James Floyd Kelly

Having purchased Sugru a couple of times (last time directly from yourselves) I have been pretty happy with your product.

However you seem to have neglected to mention the decrease in the contents from 12 to 8 (but for the same price).

While I know times are hard for all of us but the 30% price rise and the less useful (in my case) colour range in the pack have pushed your product into the not quite justifiable category

At least offer a couple of multi colour packs to give us in the 'must repair for economic reasons' additional justification for purchasing.

  • Rob Crawford
  • Rob Crawford

It would be wonderful, especially for our students, if for example Maplin's would sell Sugru.

great idea and like the new packaging, and cant wait to see it in stores