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Add grip to an extendable dog leash Make the handle comfy

Add grip to an extendable dog leash

I customised my dog's leash using sugru. The handle was hard and a bit slippery, and my dog is a fan of the "sudden bolt" method of escape, so I added sugru to the grip and moulded it to my hand shape. It works great! The handle is definitely much more comfortable for me. 

Our dog is a shiba-inu mix...she's only 40 pounds, but when she gets it into her head that she wants to bolt after something, the next thing you know, you're chasing a dog dragging a leash behind her. She actually broke the gears on her other retractable leash, so I had to buy the latest one for dogs over 100lbs, hoping it'll be strong enough.  Unfortunately, Flexi assumes that you have hired a bouncer with giant hands to walk your Big Dog, and the grip is plastic, so it gets slippery. sugru saved the day! :) Susan

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