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Fix a BMW motorcycle instrument cluster Rebuild rusted parts

Fix a BMW motorcycle instrument cluster

sugru was the ultimate repair tool for my 37 years old instrument cluster for a BMW R90/6 motorcycle. 

Those instruments are very hard to find and very expensive to buy. Most of the plastic towers that hold screw threads did crack completely due to rust in the screw holders and expansion. So I had to rebuild parts of some towers and some had to be rebuilt completely. I did use original M3 screw threads and just pressed them in sugru. 

The thing is that most of those instruments from the BMW Airhead models (air cooled boxer models 1970-1995) have this same issue on instruments and thus buying a "good" one is almost impossible, even cracked ones go for several hundred euro. Using a sugru pack for about 8€ solved the problem perfectly. Alen

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I need to upload photos of the fix for my /7 where I coated the area that my keys rub against with black Sugru. Keeps the keys from wearing through the paint.