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Fix a webcam at eye level Make a shelf on your monitor

Fix a webcam at eye level

I added a sugru shelf to the side of my monitor so that my webcam was at eye level instead of staring down at me from the top of my monitor. This ensures that I don't always appear to be looking down during video conferencing. I designed the shelf so that I have some flexibility in panning left-to-right by making it a triangle (with the 90 degree angle to the back). 

As far as holding the camera in place, I'm thinking of adding some velcro, but I haven't really needed to yet since it has a flexible base that I can bend around the shelf. As far as the camera angle, it's still a little weird because my monitor is pretty wide so you get a nice shot of the side of my face. 

I think the best design would involve somehow creating a mount that would attach to the bottom of the monitor and lift the camera a few inches up and out from the screen so that people are actually looking into your eyes, but so that you can see the content on the monitor behind it. Aaron, USA

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