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Keep your motorbike on the road [Fix of the Month, Junly 2012]


Keep your motorbike on the road


Keep your motorbike on the road

My wife and I were traveling on a replica of a 1950s Royal Enfield Bullet from Perpignan back to mid-Wales – a journey of about 1000 miles, which ended when we arrived home at 4am, after a 6 hour drive from the ferry in Portsmouth. We had left Amboise on the Loire on the previous morning. We camp off the back of the bike, so weight is at a premium. I even turned down a book that friends I stayed with offered me because of this restriction – but when my friend Sue introduced me to sugru and offered some to me I felt I had to make room for it in my toolbox, just in case. 

I am very careful with the mechanics of the bike and when the chain oiler broke I was annoyed. The sugru did the job simply and quickly – and though it was a quick hack I will use sugru when I do the full repair! The rest of the toolkit is the sort of stuff you need on these old bikes. A lot of modern bikers carry virtually nothing…maybe they should carry some sugru! 

- Charlie, Wales

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