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Make a grip for the Olympus XZ-1 camera Choose your favourite colour

Make a grip for the Olympus XZ-1 camera

I received my first batch of sugru yesterday and woke up this morning with a mission. It was my 30th on the 1st of July and my wife treated me to a snazzy new camera; I spent ages deliberating on the right one and I ended up with an XZ-1 - the only downside to this camera is its lack of ergonomic grip. 

There is an aftermarket grip available for this camera but it is black and expensive, and being a tart I wanted it in white to match the camera body! So (possibly breaking a few patent laws) I have tried to emulate it. At first I saw no hope of getting the shape right, but after a couple of minutes of getting used to the sugru, using a knife, berol felt tip body, fingers and soapy water I have ended up with a nigh on identical grip to the costly black one. 

My wife isn't too happy that I'm tweaking my new toy already - but it's mine, and should be comfortable! James.

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