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Make a new camera lens cap Replace a lost one!

Make a new camera lens cap

I lost my camera lid in a crowd a few months ago. A search on the web to find the same kind of lid to adapt to my camera remained vain. So when I discovered sugru, I thought I might make a new lid for my camera. I remodeled the camera lid from pieces of plastic cut from a documents holder, so I could mould some sugru directly around the camera lens to allow it to perfectly fit without it sticking. 

After letting sugru cure for 24 hours, I removed my new camera lid from the lens. I found out that it was a bit too loose and would fall off too easily, so I added a tiny discreet pad of sugru to the bottom of the lens to make a grip to the lid, and that was it eventually. Just for fun, while the lid was curing, I engraved the brand of my camera onto it. Finally, I put a sugru sticker on the side of my camera, to show my pride to be a new sugru guru! Christine, France

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