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Make a super simple iPhone car mount Using your dock adapter

Make a super simple iPhone car mount

I wanted my phone where I could easily reference it as a GPS, as well as to check album artwork while listening to music. I didn't want something ugly that would mount to my windshield or come out of a cup holder on the other side of my driver's wheel, or buy some custom thing fitted to my air vents. I originally thought I might be able to find a double suction cup to stick the glass of my iPhone 4 to the display in my Yaris. When I couldn't find anything right, I imagined mounting one of those spacer adapters run underneath the display to cover it. Once I got them, I realised that I could shove one right into my CD player, and could easily install it and remove it with no damage. It's pretty sturdy, though the first couple of drives over big bumps, the phone would go flying, which is no good. Also, the charging cable doesn't fit quite right into the adapter hole, since those things are made for docks, not standalone cables. So I opened the hole a bit more and attached the cable to it, so it'd be a nice sturdy piece that can be installed and removed in seconds, and keep the phone from flying out. Claire US

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