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Make a yarn-winding nostepinne Made from a wooden garden dibber

Make a yarn-winding nostepinne

I'm a keen crocheter, and am often re-winding and reclaiming yarn - I use a nostepinne (Google it), but rather than an expensive wood-turned one, I use a garden dibber, with the end sawn off. The trouble with them is that they are rough, and have these annoying grooves which snag the yarn. I decided, once and for all, to fill them in with sugru. Job done - but I discovered an amazing 'side effect'.  In removing the excess with tissue, as recommended, the rough grain was filling in nicely, and I ended up with a lovely, super-smooth, almost 'laquered' finish. Fantastic! You can see the 'before' on the cut off end, in between the two dibbers. Jill, Manchester.

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