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Make your own STP device An inexpensive, easy to make version

Make your own STP device

This may be the first sugru hack for the transgender community! 

The hack uses sugru to modify a plastic medicine spoon so it can be used as a stand to pee (STP) device. Many transmen (and/or women) want to use these kind of devices but may not want to/be able to order them online. sugru means anyone can make their own STP device super cheaply! I have been testing the shop-manufactured vs. DIY option over the past 6 months and there are no differences in usability or function. WIN! 

The picture shows the store bought vs home made versions. NOTE * a narrow, upright rectangular opening on the end of the device is important because this shape directs fluid into a tidy stream. I just used an ice-cream stick to make the right shape. Ben

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