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Modify aluminum chopsticks More compatibility to dishwasher basket

Modify aluminum chopsticks

I cook Korean food often for my family, so we have several aluminum chopsticks. The problem is that they are too skinny to fit on our dishwasher – they fall through the holes on the caddy! So I put some sugru at the end of chopstick so it is just bigger than the size of holes on the caddy, and now I can put the chopsticks in the dishwasher anytime! HWA.

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It's not recommended to wash aluminium (aluminum) items in a dishwasher. The alkalis in the dishwasher detergent will dull, discolour (discolor), or even corrode, the metal. We've had experience of this with kitchen knives with steel blades fixed to the handle with aluminium rivets. The rivets were being eaten away ... until I protected them with little caps of sugru :D