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Mugs compatible with any cup holder Fit into any standard issue holder


Mugs compatible with any cup holder


Mugs compatible with any cup holder

I recently moved out, and I have a balcony with an excellent view. When I want to sit down there's an old foldable chair that I traded for an egg many years ago, and this chair has a cup holder. Here's a picture of it with my most commonly used type of cup - a mug. As you can see, the 'before' just won't do. I decided to make an adapter ring for these cups with sugru. The trickiest part of this was getting the ring right. It has to be thick enough to carry the weight of the cup, fairly round and of the right size to actually fit the mug. To get this right, I mixed up 15 gram of sugru, rolled it into an evenly thick rod and connected the ends by twisting them around eachother a bit. This was just big enough to fit over the bottom of the mug, so I used the mug - covered with soap - to stretch the ring evenly to the desired size. Next, I made three nibs to extend over the edge of the cup holder. I pretty much just divided two packs over three balls, pressed them to the bottom of the ring after it'd cured and pressed the lot into the cupholder to make it all fit snugly and securely. I am amazed by how well it works, how sturdy the connection is and how good it looks :) By @barometz, via sugru gurus (

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