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Prevent dog leads from snagging In the gaps on wooden decking

Prevent dog leads from snagging

I have three dogs, and I have a wooden front porch. Which sounds like it'd be great, until you realise that the gaps in the boards of the porch are exactly wide enough to snag the dogs' leads. The leads slip into the crack and, as the dogs head towards the house, get pulled and stuck, tightly enough that the dogs (especially the little one - a 3kg mini dachshund) can't pull them out and are stuck. Sugru to the rescue! In August of 2010, I took a packet of sugru and wedged it between the gaps of the porch. It's made it through two Ohio winters and one unbelievably hot summer - a temperature range of 0F to 100F - and it's still going strong. There are some places where the boards have settled and the sugru is now only attached on one side, but it still works just fine and I fully expect that it'll be next summer before I have to replace it. And, frankly, a packet of sugru every couple years is much cheaper than replacing the porch! Cooper (pictured) appreciates it, too. Meghan, USA

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