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Reduce the pain of injections

Reduce the pain of injections

I didn't have anything to catch my skin with and it hurts when I have to inject directly. The butterfly clip keeps the skin in position and the sugru I added to it means that now it's not painful at all. Uriah

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Hi Daswolfie, unfortunately we don't have the brand of the butterfly clip used, but I am sure you can just use a butterfly clip that feels about the right size for you. This is a great way to use sugru for extrernal use and to soften the sharp edges on a butterfly clip!

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I love this fix. I have to give myself injections but a stroke has left my left hand useless for a lot of tasks, which leaves me having to rely on my husband which is sometimes a bummer. I cant wait to try this. I was wondering though what brand of butterfly flip did you use ? Thank you so much for such a clever idea.