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Repair your favourite hiking boots

Repair your favourite hiking boots

Sugru has fixed my boots so that no water or mud gets in, and it (almost) looks like the boots haven't been changed unless you know and look really closely. As you can see, I have used them a lot since I fixed them and there is lots of mud all over them. I was initially worried that the sugru inside the boots (to give the repair some strength) might be uncomfortable, but I was able to shape the sugru to my foot (by wearing the boots) before it dried. Now the boots are even more comfortable! Doug, New Zealand.

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from my own experience using sugru for shoe reinforcement, i can almost bet that this fix didn't last long, since mine didn't. sugru just isn't flexible enough to bend under all the force your foot applies, and it cracks. it's actually good, for the applications it works best for, that it isn't more flexible. this just isn't a very appropriate use. i just wanted to share my experience so no one else sees this, like i did, thinking it's a great idea, only to be disappointed and find you've left your shoes in worse shape than they were in before you attempted the sugru repair (once the sugru cracks, it's quite ugly and adds awkward bulk that gets stuck against itself in the wrong position all the time).