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Resurface Samsonite suitcase wheels Smooth out rough surfaces

Resurface Samsonite suitcase wheels

My Samsonite trolley suitcase was over-used. Still perfect on the outside - there was just trouble with wheels. The rubber cover on the wheels was destroyed in some airport and all the trolley movement got very, very noisy. 

I bought a 3x20g black sugru pack to repair them. Just 20g for each wheel, some soap to give a proper smoothness, and here we go! Perfect as new, smooth and quiet. Danilo, Scotland.

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Hi WJC! Here's a nice video showing, among others, the rubbing technique: Just rub sugru gently until you are satisfied with the result. Some prefer to do it with a finger soaked in soapy water, but I personally like the almost glossy effect after rubbing sugru with a dry finger. I hope this help!

Could you guide more a bit on a proper smoothness? How to do that? I did mine and it came out not right. Thanks!

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  • WJC
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I was thinking of doing the exaqct same thing, after some wire or something locked up the wheel and it was filed flat on one side. With sugru I'll definately get it rolling again!

  • cra
  • cra
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