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Structure a DIY home theatre PC

Structure a DIY home theatre PC

I first used sugru to fix my Bose headphones, but wanted to do something more. In the meantime, I started to build a HTPC for my wife, and salvaged components from friends and family. I got a really old computer case, and then I was lucky enough to receive some laptop hard drives from some friends and my company. The computer case did not have trays to install hard drives this small, and I couldn't get my hands on size adapters. I tried installing the hard drives directly to the case using velcro, but the hard drives were uncomfortably close to the case. I decided to build my own hard drive rack with sugru and some wooden sticks that I had to make shishkabob. I applied sugru to the head of some screws and then joined the screws to the sticks. sugru doesn´t touch the hard drives and the sticks don't touch the case, but it does make contact on both the bottom and the top. I needed the setup to be pretty sturdy since I often move the computer for cleaning and other things. I don't plan on changing the hard drives for another year or two. So I pretty much got almost 1TB of space for almost nothing! Frank, Mexico.

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