Keep the detachable plug on an Apple power cube safe

When attaching the extension cord to the Apple power cube - what happens to the detached plug?

Step 1


I added a brass paper fastener. After making sure the head was the right size for the slot, I splayed the prongs so they were flat.

Step 2


I then sugru-ed the fastener prongs to the cleaned cube (without the plug this time) and waited for it to cure.

Step 3


VOILA! Now when the extension cord is attached, I don't have to hunt for the removed plug. 

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  • Jufan
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clever ideas are the simplest things

Now All I need to do is find the plug so I can do this!!!

Very clever!

  • Dennis
  • Dennis
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Awesome, love this idea, super smart. Great guide too :)

  • james
  • james
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