Replace MacBook's rubber feet

Replace MacBook's rubber feet

You probably love your MacBook Pro. But there is something we all hate about it: It's rubber feet. 

I'll show you how simple it can be to design your own customized long-lasting rubber feet. They have a better grip and durability than the original ones.

Kit list

  • 1 pack of sugru
  • Soapy water

Step 1


Make a single roll of sugru and cut it in 4 (equal) pieces. Then roll each of the pieces into a round ball (like we used to do with Play Doh!).  Now place a ball of sugru in one of  the rubber feet slots (Make sure you took out the original completely) pressing the rear end of the hole with a finger in order to prevent sugru from squeezing in through the hole in the panel. Mold it to your best round shape.

Step 2


Repeat the same process for each slot. Use some soapy water to make the surface of each feet smooth. Also gently press the whole panel against a flat surface in order to level it. 

Done! :)

Thanks sugru!!

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masha Allah something so simple and yet so useful, insha Allah I will try this this weekend :-) know rubber feet are best

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