10 classic camping & campervan hacks

items for camping fixed or customised with Sugru

Sugru Mouldable Glue and the great outdoors are made for each other. People use it to fix stuff if things go wrong or make ingenious little improvements to their camping gear and campervans. It can add grips to equipment, fix noisy bike racks, even seal leaky boots, and patch up punctures. Once set, Sugru turns into a durable, flexible rubber that is heat-resistant, electrically insulating and can withstand extreme weather conditions. So be sure to pack some for your next trip.

Your adventure starts here πŸ•

Here we explore some of the ways Sugru prepares campers for anything.

1. Make things grippy πŸ–

Sugru grips on tent pegs and mallet

A successful camping expedition relies on a good dose of groundwork in advance. Use Sugru to make essential things more grippy, like those pesky tent pegs. It’s also great for building custom grips on vital tools like your camping mallet.

2. Replace missing parts πŸ•³

Gap in chair filled with Sugru

You arrive at your destination only to discover a key component is broken or missing from important outdoor items like chairs. What a bummer! Pack some Sugru. It bonds securely to lots of materials including metal, glass, wood, ceramic, most plastics, and even fabrics.

3. Repair any zip πŸ“Ž

zipper fixed with Sugru

When the zippers on tents, rucksacks, clothing or cases malfunction, just grab a paperclip and mould a new one with Sugru. Once set, it’s machine washable, temperature-resistant and very grippy. Even if your zipper hasn’t broken, reinforce it with Sugru.

4. Make things heatproof πŸ”₯πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

Sugru heatproof pads on camping cooking utensils

A big part of the fun of camping is mealtimes. But most outdoor cooking utensils are made of metal. To stop burning your fingers when cooking up al fresco delights, simply use Sugru to make all your camping cookware heat-resistant..

5. Seal leaky boots & patch up punctures πŸ’¦πŸš«

items with Sugru waterproof patches

That’s torn it! There’s nothing worse than a ripped tent or punctured mattress – especially when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Fear not. Sugru to the rescue. It will even seal leaky boots and restore worn shoes. And it comes in 10 seriously playful colours, so you blend in or stand out.

6. Fix a rattling bike rack 🚲

A van with a bike rack, driving away

You set off into the sunset, in your campervan, but the incessant clatter of metal on metal interrupts your tunes. Once set, Sugru turns into a durable, weatherproof rubber that is shock-resistant and sound-dampening.

7. Mount a small mirror πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

mirror stuck to cupboard door

Picture this. Your campervan designers have thought of everything (including a little cupboard for cosmetics and meds) – except one thing: a mirror. No need to send panic through the campsite, use Sugru to mount one exactly where you want it. It’ll hold up to 2kg in weight so you can make handy hooks to hang things, including a removable tablet mount.

Note: Sugru sets to 1.5mm in 12 hours, 3mm in 24 hours and thicker applications may take longer. For load-bearing projects, or if Sugru's exposure to air is limited when squished between surfaces, allow up to 48 hours for it to fully set.

8. Make multi-functional features πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈ

toothbrush holder stuck to wall with Sugru

Get creative with Sugru. Use it to make useful things around your campervan like this toothbrush holder that cleverly doubles-up as a cupboard door handle.

9. Personalise water bottles πŸ’§

water bottles customised with Sugru

Wherever you go on your travels, remember to take reusable water bottles, and avoid disposable plastic ones at all costs. Sugru is brilliant for personalising stuff. You can even make little feet to stop things from rolling around in transit. Try keeping the kids happy with some LEGO accessories.

10. Little emergency tin πŸ†˜

tin with emergency items

Imagine a multi-tool meets a first aid kit. Repurpose a Sugru tin, pack it with emergency essentials and there you have it. Painkillers, plasters, tweezers, safety pins, a needle and thread, buttons, paperclips, fold-away scissors, string, an antiseptic wipe, and a single-use pack of Sugru – of course.

animation of Sugru campervans

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