11 easy ways to improve your home

Sugru is hand mouldable glue for your home that can be used for loads of small household improvements. It turns pesky problems that bug you into an opportunity for your next little project!

Here are 11 clever improvements that people have shared with us. For loads more inspiration head over to our Home & DIY section.

1. Add bumpers to your door

An enthusiastically opened door will often bounce off the wall or furniture that stands behind it. A bit of sugru cushions these impact spots so that you can avoid dents and paintwork damage!

2. Keep water from spilling onto your floor

Even the most smartly finished sinks and baths can dribble excess water onto the floor. Avoid slippy puddles and floor damp by guiding incidental overflow in the right direction with sugru.

3. Make plugs grippier

A plug that's stiff is a pain to remove form the socket, especially if you have limited mobility. And a bit of sugru and a vintage door knob to make a decorative and ergonomical grip.

4. Make a shower handle non-slip

Sometimes design goes over function - things look pretty, but are non-intuitive to use. Improve slippy-when-wet tap handles by adding sugru grips - and you can include temperature colour-coding as well!

5. Add heat-resistant handles to your wok

Ever burnt your fingers on a hot pan or wok handle? Skip the scrabble for tea towels or oven mitts by adding some sugru for heat-resistant handles.

6. Repair a broken dimmer switch

Switches break. Instead of buying unnecessary new parts, just reattach the old one with some sugru!

7. Add more space to a sink

An easy storage solution - and not just for your sink! sugru added to a corner creates new space where you need it.

8. Make heat-proof DIY coasters

If you have some spare coaster-shaped objects lying around, simply transform them into 'floating' coasters with a few blobs of sugru!

9. Make a toothbrush stand for your sink

Electric toothbrushes are quite unstable unless they stand on a completely even surface. sugru-er @ratsdomino came up with a clever solution to keep his toothbrush from falling over: he sugru-ed a DIY toothbrush stand for his sink!

10. Keep a lamp from wobbling

Lamps and other pieces of furniture often get uneven and wobbly as they age. Quickly fix this problem with a small piece of sugru!

11. Tidy up your home with DIY hooks

Hooks are one of the easiest ways to add storage room to any surface. De-clutter your life and add some useful hooks around your home with sugru!

And this is just the beginning... for loads more clever ideas head over to our Home Improvement section.