12 scarily good Halloween costumes you can make with your family

We love any excuse to get the family working together on a creative project, whether it’s DIY, fixing, upcycling or craft. That’s why we love Halloween. While it might seem easier to pop down to the local costume store to pick something up, there is nothing more fun, rewarding and often hilarious than adding your own personal touch to make something unique. If the thought of making your own Halloween costumes this year has you spooked, fret not, we’ve put together some of our favourite family costumes to help get your imagination running wild. 

A costume that is most definitely awesome. 

These giant LEGO costumes from instructables took 70 hours to make.This was clearly a labour of love, but the results speak for themselves. If you and your fellow blockheads would like to make them for yourself, you can see the plans in detail here. 

A costume that is sure to make waves. 

On their own, two little matching sharks would be an adorable costume, but the inclusion of dad as a poor surfer is a touch of genius. This is a great example of taking a store bought costume and upcycling it to create something unique and memorable. 


A Pac(k) of well-dressed trick-or-treaters. 

Pac-Man is an arcade classic, a movie star, and now he's one of the cutest family Halloween costumes you'll ever see. This fantastically creative costume can be easily recreated with readily accessible materials. 

An outfit worth phoning home for. 

This one is a perfect example of the benefits of matching family outfits. Individually, it may be hard to guess what any of them are dressed as, put them together and you've obviously got the cast of one of the most popular movies of all time. 

It’s like a pigsty in here! 

If you’ve ever felt like you were living on a farm, then Halloween is the best time to show it. Amazing Halloween costume? Or hilarious way to teach the kids to clean up? You be the judge. 

A costume coming to a cafe near you. 

Look, we can’t say exactly what inspires someone to dress their family up as a human BLT, but what we can say is that the results are actually excellent. 

Grow up. 

Not all Halloween costumes need to be creepy or spooky. This fantastic mother and daughter combo is the perfect visual pun to represent motherhood and it’s totally adorable. 

There’s no mystery about this costume. 

Not all DIY costumes require excessive amounts of craft. With some well-planned thrift shopping, your whole family can look as impressive as Scooby and his friends. Because this costume is pulled together from everyday clothing, they can all be worn again outside of Halloween. Bonus! 

Is your costume based on a board game? 

Sometimes, simplicity is critical. With a little resourcefulness, an everyday t-shirt and some cardboard can create a hilarious throwback to Guess Who? If Guess Who? Wasn't your board game of choice why not find a way to turn your favourite into a costume this year? 

This family was on fire when planning their costume. 

What do you do when your children’s little legs tire out when trick-or-treating? Make them their very own fire truck to sit in. This fantastic costume was made from upcycled items, and you can read all about it on the instructables website.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a closer look at this cute costume.

Take an adorable chick costume, add a DIY road and you have this inventive human interpretation of one of the world’s oldest riddles. 

Just one s’more

Who knew two pillows could make such a great Halloween costume? If you’re making a s’mores costume that’s all you need for the marshmallow. This costume is the perfect excuse for a big family group hug.  

If you’d like to hack, stick and add to your costume for Halloween this year, our new  Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Formula is the perfect way to customise your costume. Have fun getting creative and crafty this Halloween, and don't forget to share your costumes with us on Facebook