15 ways to craft stamps with sugru

Crafters are true makers and can turn their hands to just about anything. Luckily for us, we're not short of them here in the sugru community! Here are 15 beautifully handcrafted sugru stamps that we've spotted from around the world.

sugru + other objects

1. sugru + stone = DIY Japanese Hanko signature stamp

Christina wanted a Japanese Hanko Seal, but they were just too expensive. The beautiful stone that Christina used was bought from the famous Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota, USA —"they drill deep in to the rock and then blast away what they don't want from the monument, and what is drilled out they sell in their gift shop!"

2. sugru + coins = Euro stamp

Daniel from Germany created this clever idea using the indent from a 2 cent Euro coin.

3. sugru + recycled bottle caps = beautiful fabric stamps

sugur-er Lise had this brilliant idea using sugru and recycled bottle caps to create fabric stamps — a simple and clever idea with really beautiful results!

4. sugru + typebars from an old typewriter

Anja from Slovenia is a writer and a poet. To help her stand out among the hundreds of other people jostling for attention at fares and readings. "I asked a friend to get me some old letters type-setters from an antique shop" She then sugru-ed them together into her name so she can create her own unique handmade business cards! — Just brilliant :)

5. sugru + bottle caps = monster stamps!

Lise and her kids created a new day that they call 'International Monster Day!' — "We created stamps in the shapes of monsters. Once the sugru had cured, we made these collages using paint."

6. Create a featherweight stamp

For an interview with website Social Nesting, designer, author, and Creative Director of Marie Claire Runway, Christine Leech created this beautiful feather stamp using sugru and a piece of balsa wood. — You can find Christine on Twitter and Instagram as @SewYeah!)

Check out the step-by-step guide here and make your own!

7. Make custom labels for your model maker tools

Here's one from our very own Jude Pullen from team sugru.

"I run design modelling workshops. They are great fun, but put something down and it'll be lost… so I thought this was a fun way to identify my scalpel in the inevitable blizzard of cardboard and tools that covers any busy desk. Bright orange should be easily seen too. The Stamp/Brand was made from Polymorph - pressed into the mould."

8. Make a 2 in 1 sugru stamp and wax seal

Instructables user 'Nepheron' created this stunning stamp and wax seal in one, using sugru (and a pasta machine!) Check out his full step-by-stp guide to help you create your very own.

9. Create a sugru stamp collection!

Another great idea from Instructables community, this time from user 'ChrysN'. He used several different methods of making stamps with sugru. We love the results. Take a look at the full guide over on Instructables.

10. sugru + straws = DIY rubber letter stamps

"I made these simple stamps which would have cost about £10 each.They work so well and are better than other rubber stamps I've had!" — Michael, Bedminster.

11. one of your five a day... ahem

Seatthawut from Thailand moulded sugru onto his laptop charger and created this cool Apple stamper!

12. Make a beautiful patterned craft stamp

Mia from Vancover, Canada, created this decorative patterned sugru stamp.

"I usually work with clay to create decorative objects. I needed something that would dry flexible to create a positive embossed pattern. I used a piece of doily for the embossing and used regular dye-based ink pad, but it will work with any other stamping inks as well. For this embossing technique, sugru worked beautifully with pretty much any materials I used, from plastic to fabric." we love this!

3D printing + sugru stamps

13. Make 3D printed stamps

Michael came up with this clever idea. He sugru-ed 3D printed shapes to a piece of wood to create these unique stamps. You can download the designs and print your own on Shapeways!

14. 3D print a sugru stamp kit on Thingyverse

Matt Beechan form Oregon, USA designed and created this awesome sugru stamp set while experimenting with 3D printing art tools. You can download the kit designs and print your own on Thingyverse for free!

15. Create your own sugru stamps with 3D printed parts

The team at Rare Candy Academy in Boston, USA recently ordered a bunch of these stickers for their website.

"But how will people know where to find Rare Candy Academy on the internets, you ask?"

"Well, fortunately, we have a 3D printer, and we found this handy tutorial on how to make a rubber stamp from Sugru and a 3D printed negative."

Then they stamped their URL right on the back of the stickers (the backing, not the sticky part, of course!)

Head over to our Craft & Making section for loads more sugru project ideas.