Fixes for Everyone in Your Family

We love seeing families get together to fix for each other. We’re constantly seeing awesome examples of everyday ingenuity that help family members young and old. Whether a one year old or a ninety-one year old, there’s a fix for everyone. Not to mention some surprising fixes for the most important members of the family – our pets.

Join us in celebrating the fix stories that embody the uniquely can-do, enthusiastic and caring spirit of the Sugru community. Read on, there’s something for everyone! 


1. Make The Oven Heatproof For Your One-Year-Old              

Ovens can be a hazard for curious little ones. Sugru-er Mikkel came up with a solution using Sugru and plexiglass to make ovens kid-safe. ‘The Sugru elevates the plexiglass plate a few millimetres from the glass surface of the oven, which makes the insulation quite good.’

2. Create An E-book Cover From A Book

We love the look and feel of hardcover books and the convenience of e-readers. Using the cover of an old book and some Sugru, you can create a a great cover for your e-book. It’s also super easy and fun for kids to make! The result? E-readers just got more fun and personal.

3.  Turn Your Kid’s Toothbrush Into A Toy Sword

Stan’s creativity turned dental hygiene into a swashbuckling adventure for his kids. All it took was a little bit of Sugru and the handle from a toy sword. If pirates aren’t your thing, fret not, you can use almost any toy to add some adventure to the tooth-brushing routine. 


4) Customise Your Game Controller

Brent from Canada replaced worn out pads and buttons on his game controller with Sugru. Other gamers in our Sugru community use Sugru to mod certain elements of the controller to enhance the gaming experience. You can make switches stick out, or buttons more grippy to give your game the added edge! 

5) Make A Wall Creative

Decorative walls are a great way to channel creativity and spark the imagination. Sugru is perfect for this project because it sticks to nearly anything and can hold up to 2kg.


6) Three Solutions For Wayward Pot Lids!

Pots and their lids are always difficult to store. Many pot lid handles are made of metal (a sure way to get burned fingers!), and sometimes they break off completely. Luckily, Sugru is the perfect solution. Use it to give your pot lids heatproof rubber handles or as a fixture to seal the handle back on. Then store them on handy Sugru hooks inside your cupboard door! Pretty neat, eh?

7) Become A Super-Cleaner With A Super-Power Scrubber!

This is genius! James from Toronto says it all: ‘Cut the handle off a washing-up brush, put a screw through the bottom, put Sugru onto the screw head and onto the shaft to make a moulded drill-compatible bath scrubber! (Only use with cordless drills to prevent electrocution!)’. 

8) Create Magnetic Kitchen Storage For Spices

Suzan from our Facebook community came up with this brilliant idea for spicing up your cooking. This magnetic, rotating spice rack makes everything visible and accessible, so you have one less thing to worry about in the kitchen. 

9) Create Magnetic Kitchen Storage For Knives Without Drilling

David's kitchen is small and only has one drawer. So he bought a magnetic knife rack, only to find his landlord wouldn't allow him to drill into the tiles! No problem, he used two packs of Sugru to mount the knife rack instead. Sugru is removable, so his landlord agreed to the ingenious solution. Winner!


10) Make Dials Stand-Out For Visual Impairment

Rick sent us a picture of this clever toaster oven fix. He noticed his 91-year-old mother was struggling to reconcile her lifelong passion for baking with her failing eyesight. Kitchen appliances are not user-friendly for visually impaired people. Rick decided to Sugru her mini oven. Rick tells us: ‘rather than straining to look at dials, trying to read what her desired settings are, she feels the positions on the settings I’ve set for her.’

11) Make Phones Easier To Hold And Use

Sisters Poppy and Heather sent us a photo of their grandad’s Sugru-ed phone. The placement of the Sugru helps raise the phone above the surface. They told us: ‘he can pick it up, and the main button he needs has been raised too, so he can answer calls easily.’

12) Use Sugru To Upcycle

Our artistic Sugru-er, Leva, had a wooden money box that she’s had living on a shelf for fifty years. Originally, the money had a leather stalk and leaf which broke off long ago. So Leva decided to fix it. She recounts: ‘I found an unused disposable wooden spoon in the bottom of a drawer. I cut off its bowl and snipped around the leaf to make it look more natural and used Sugru for the stalk. Then I put a blob of Sugru inside the box to hold the stalk in place. I'm rather pleased with its new look.’

13) Fix Exercise Equipment.

Suzanne shared this fix with our Twitter community. She used Sugru to patch up areas of her dumbbells. Now she’s saved herself the cost of buying new ones and maybe a gym membership too!


14) Sugru Limb Replacements 

Warning: this will melt your heart. Jane from Ireland’s pet hen Snowy got attacked by a fox and lost most of one of her legs. Jane’s father made a prosthetic leg from fiberglass, and a few days later, Jane crafted a little chicken foot from yellow Sugru to make it work better. 

15) Track Your Tortoises

Walnut and Nick had a history of getting lost. Their owner, Lou, used Sugru to create a harness with an embedded GPS. He popped them onto the tortoises’ shells, and now he can locate them – whatever mischief they’re getting up to..

16) Find Your Dog In The Dark

Our fantastic Sugru-er Mike told us: ‘I bought a small light to hang from my dog's collar so he could be seen in the dark. Trouble was the dog's movements kept knocking the on/off button to off. Sugru to the rescue. I took the plastic screw cap and base from a cardboard drink carton, hacked it on, and the problem was solved!’ Ingenious and cute!

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