18 Sugru Holiday Hacks

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you guys never stop fixing. Turns out Sugru-ers don't switch off their hacking and repairing instinct, even when they're away from home or on the road. Whether it’s mending a damaged zip on a suitcase, fixing broken sunglasses, or even hacking a GoPro to capture your adventures in new ways, Sugru Mouldable Glue seems to come in handy wherever you are, whatever you’re up to!

Here are a bunch of clever little ideas from the community...

Sugru to the rescue...wherever you are!

1. Fix your sandals

Fix your sandals

filled suitcase with Sugru pack

The last thing anyone needs is for something to break while you’re away — like your sunglasses or your sandals falling apart just as you hit the beach. That's when Sugru can come in very handy!

2. Make a GoPro mount to capture unforgettable moments

couple paragliding with gopro mount

There's a definite trend of Sugru-ers making their own DIY GoPro poles — and they're using them in some epic places! For more ideas on how to hack your GoPro visit: DIY photography projects.

3. Take your music anywhere you go!

Take your music anywhere

speaker hanging off umbrella with Sugru and magnets

Make your music sound better outdoors using Sugru! By making your speakers magnetic, they'll sound better everywhere - from the park to the beach.

4. Make your camera work for you

cameras with Sugru grips

Sugru-ers are always coming up with clever new ways to adapt and modify their cameras. From making little buttons more tactile or creating the perfect shape to fit your grip. 

5. Repair those headphones you love (but broke a while ago)

Headphones fixed with Sugru

Sometimes you just need to tune out the noise and relax. Long journeys can be transformed with a good playlist, audiobook or a few podcasts. So get those headphones comfy and travel ready before you head out or take some Sugru with you... just in case. Here's the full tutorial for how to fix broken headphones.

6. Get ready for camping

6 handy camping hacks

mattress patched with Sugru

Whether you’re off to a festival or exploring somewhere amazing, you’ll want to get your camping gear in ship shape before you set off. Let’s face it - a leaky mattress or a hole in your hiking boots are never fun to deal with when you’re miles away from home. No matter how well you prepare though, an adventure isn't an adventure without something going wrong.

7. Fix any broken zip

Fix any broken zip

zipper fixed with Sugru

This is a hack that works amazingly well - for broken zips on bags, jackets, suitcases or tents. Watch this little film to see just how easy it is!

8. Mend your rolling suitcase handle

suitcase handle fixed with Sugru

So the handle on your rolling suitcase is broken, and you're getting the fear about having to carry your luggage around everywhere. Don't panic! Sugru can help.

9. Repair torn zip lining

torn zip lining patched with Sugru

Smart thinking here! Sugru bonds to many fabrics, so it is super useful for patching up parts of your well-loved suitcase.

10. Reattach broken parts of a kid's ride-on suitcase

ride-on suitcase fixed with Sugru

These ride-on suitcases were aptly rescued with Sugru just in time for the next adventure.

11. Create extra grip on the shoulder strap of your bag

Sugru spikes on camera bag strap

Clever Sugru spikes added to the strap of this camera bag means it will stay safe and secure on your shoulder. 

12. Decorate your flip flops or make them comfier

customised and fixed sandals with Sugru

On the left, Alison transformed her "cheap, plain sandals purchased at a bargain store" into beautiful spring flip flops!

Robbie's simple but smart fix "makes a big difference to some nice-but-slightly-uncomfortable flip flops."

13. Make the perfect DIY book holder

bottle top book holder adapted with Sugru

This is just so clever. Patrick from Germany hacked the swing top bottle of his favourite beer to build a book holder. Perfect for those beach days! You'll get a sense of satisfaction every time you use this!

14. Create your own DIY prescription swimming goggles

DIY prescription goggles adapted with Sugru

Awesome Sugru user Mikael showed us this hack that might come in handy on your holidays...

"Since I have quite a strong prescription, I'm more or less blind when I swim. I don't want to buy prescription goggles as they're so expensive, but I had several old, ordinary glasses as well as regular swimming goggles. So, I Sugru'ed them together! The end result works really well!"

15. Fix a snapped beach umbrella

beach umbrella fixed with Sugru

Steve's beach umbrella snapped on a windy day, luckily he discovered Sugru before he threw it out.

"Sugru worked like a charm, moulding to the plastic perfectly, even in the humid, tropical weather in Mexico!"

16. Repair your travel plug adapter while you're away!

Plug adapter fixed with Sugru

Darren was travelling in Europe and his plug adapter was loose and kept falling off. Not exactly what you need on a holiday. Luckily he had some Sugru with him, for moments just like this.

Be careful with electricity. Stick to small consumer electronics repairs, low current and below 24 volts.

17. Make your equipment work better for you

Sugru straps around watch face

"I got my Sugru home and started hacking immediately! I had an old cheap watch lying around and the strap on it was broken, I got 2 loops of Sugru made up so I could put a paracord on it and tie it on anywhere I wanted on my thick-wristed dry suit but after getting it near my dive gear I found it was flexible enough and tough enough to clip into an empty spot on my dive console!" Thanks Davy, from Orkney Islands!

18. Get ready for a snow-filled holiday

Sugru grip nodules on snowboard

Noboarding, we are informed by user Scott, is "a twist on snowboarding where you're not strapped in, you need to grip with your feet like surfing". Normally it requires a special $200 board with grippy nodules, but Scott made his own with some Sugru and a broken snowboard.

Have you got any clever holiday hacks under your belt? Share your ideas with us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you could even win loads of Sugru and a tote bag! Simple tag @sugru and use the hashtag #MySugruFix along with your pictures.