6 Fantastic Ideas to Reduce Your Waste

We all know that there’s too much waste in the world. There are events like Earth Day, Zero Waste Week and Recycling Week to constantly remind us how important it is to reduce waste. 

Sugru is designed to help us make the things we own last longer. It’s easy and you don’t need any previous DIY experience. 

So when things break, don’t add them to the mountains of landfill, fix them. Every item we fix is one that stays in use and out of landfill. Every little fix makes a difference. 

If you need some extra inspiration watch our latest film for some of the awesome fixes you can do and just how big a difference every little fix can make. 


From broken phones to troublesome cables, we generate more than 40 million tons of toxic e-waste every year. Sugru is perfect for fixing frayed cables and protecting phones. To find out how you can easily make Sugru phone bumpers head to this guide. And for our popular Sugru cable fix head here. 


There are no shortage of statistics about the problems with plastic. Luckily, Sugru sticks easily to most plastics allowing you to repair, reinvent and reimagine just about anything. Look at our Sugru toy mash-ups for a great example how you can bring broken plastics back to life. 


The fashion industry will consume a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050. Every year we scrap over 600 million shoes alone. To find out how you can protect and repair your shoes, follow this easy how-to guide. Or for more fashion fixing tips check out this handy blog. 

White goods

White goods were once built to last. Often now, little parts like seals or shelves will break, and they can be costly or even impossible to replace. Instead of throwing out the whole appliance, fix it with Sugru. It will save you loads of money and keep your appliance running for years to come.   


Did you know over half the population will dump a piece of furniture in the next 12 months? Sugru is perfect for repairing cracks and breaks or even completely upcycling your furniture to turn it into something new and wonderful.  

Fixing is good. It’s good for us and good for the planet. Head to our store to stock-up and Sugru so your prepared to get fixing the next time something breaks.