6 household items anyone can fix

We’ve often wondered about what contributes to the current throwaway culture. It’s easy to blame big companies or advertising, but one important factor that often gets overlooked is our confidence. Many of us don’t know what we can fix or where to start. So things get thrown out unnecessarily. Here are just six of the items that you can easily fix for yourself.


Many people believe that because lamps are electric, they’ll be complicated to fix. Wrong. The truth is most lamps are simple items and dead easy to repair. In most cases, if the lights are out on your lamp it's either a problem with the bulb or the fuse. A replacement bulb and holder can be purchased cheaply and installed in an instant, and fuses replaced in the plug. There are plenty of great guides for this online. Alternatively, go to your local Repair Cafe or Restart meeting to be shown how to do it the first time around. 

A lamp on a side table

Phone screens

Most of us know the heartbreak (and financial pain) of a cracked screen on our phone. But a broken screen isn’t a death sentence for your phone. iFixit.com is full of great resources on how you can repair the screen on most phones – including kits with everything you need to make the repair yourself. Once the fix is complete, you might want to add some Sugru Mouldable Glue bumpers on your newly functional phone to save it from any future misfortune. 

A phone with Sugru bumpers


Did you know you might be able to repair your kettle just by cleaning the switch? Often, kettles stop working because the switch has become oxidised. A good clean with a bit of isopropyl alcohol is usually enough to clear it up, so your kettle can make many a cuppa to come.

kettle on table top


Fraying charging cables and headphone cords are a dime a dozen nowadays, and they’re expensive to replace. A simple layer of Sugru over the fray is enough to reinforce the cord. Not only will your cord be able to charge on, but it will also look more colourful too. See just how easy it is to do here: How to repair a USB charger cable.

cables fixed with Sugru

Dishwasher racks

After years of loyal service and countless cycles, the coating on your dishwasher rack will begin to wear. Replacements are often hard to find, and the only option seems to be to buy a whole new dishwasher. That’s where Sugru comes in. It’s waterproof, heat-resistant and bonds well to nearly any surface, making it perfect for covering the old coating, protecting it and ultimately saving the dishwasher. See how you can repair your dishwasher with Sugru over on our how-to guide.

Dishwasher rack fixed with Sugru

Coats, purses and luggage (or anything with a zipper)

Let’s face it, a coat that doesn’t zip isn’t protecting you from the cold, and a suitcase that is impossible to open is next to useless. But with a paperclip and a little bit of Sugru, you can easily repair your zipper and extend the life of your trusty items. Sugru comes in 10 colours to help you match what you’ve got. You can even texturise the finish to add a bit of flair. Or, create something completely new and colourful.

Sugru zipper fix shaped like carrot

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