6 ways to mod your camera

Cameras with Sugru grips

Whether a pro or a novice shooter, there’s no disputing we love our kit. But even the best cameras on the market can be improved. Photographers love using Sugru Mouldable Glue to make subtle modifications to their equipment, which ultimately enhances their technique. As a soft-touch mouldable glue that, when set, turns into a flexible, durable rubber, it’s perfect for customising, improving and protecting precious tech. Sugru sticks to most materials and is ergonomically responsive, protective, and mighty grippy.

Technology is smart, but you’re smarter. 🦉

Here are just some of the ways you can cleverly mod your camera kit with Sugru.

1. Create ergonomic grips 🖐

Matt Dine's camera with Sugru grip

When it comes to industrial design, one size fits all, unless you’re part of the luxury elite. Sugru’s advanced silicone technology has helped hundreds of photographers mould personalised rubber grips. Sugru comes in 10 colours so you can blend in or stand out.

2. Make custom mounts 🏗

Camera gear mounted with Sugru

Wherever you need to mount your gear Sugru will do the job out without damaging it. Should you need to remove the Sugru, simply cut it off off, then clean the surface with a cloth. It will form a strong bond to lots of materials like metal, glass, wood, ceramic, most plastics, and even fabrics!

3. Improve control buttons 🕹

Sugru grips on camera buttons

Technology may become more compact and sophisticated, but it’s often the little things that get forgotten. Sugru’s mouldability makes it brilliant for improving the tiny control buttons on most cameras. You can also colour-code certain features.

4. Bespoke focus rings 🔅

Camera focus ring grip made of Sugru

Modern cameras’ auto capabilities are impressive. Yet our option to manually control our shots is just as important. Use Sugru to build bespoke focus rings. You’ll get better control over this sensitive mechanism, and it will fit your shooting style.

5. Protect precious kit 💎

Lens cap attached to camera with Sugru

However much you look after expensive tech, there’s always a risk of losing vital components and accessories. Sugru is great for keeping lens caps to hand or making protective silicone cushions for the camera body. And even if you do drop it, Sugru’s shock-resistant properties could save it from serious damage.

6. Revive classic gear 📦

Sugru grips on camera

The beauty of photography is its variety, be it style, subject matter, or hardware. Sometimes we just want “that look” only certain cameras achieve. Sugru allows you to adapt any camera to suit your technique. Nothing is out of reach.

Photography stories from our community 📖


Fix for technique

New York-based photographer, filmmaker, animator and heroine of ours, Amanda Lynn Kim, shares some fun ways she uses Sugru to enhance or fix her photo gear.

"1-2: Created a custom grip for my camera body 📷
3: It adheres to fabric, so why not customize my camera strap 
4: Made two simple spirals that bounce back, allowing me to keep all my @lomography aperture plates together while also being able to take them out quickly to use! 
5. Excuse my fingers but this lens cap has never stopped falling off since I added a UV filter. Used an old hair tie with Sugru to make a holder."

Amanda holding her camera with Sugru grips
yura and her tripod fixed with sugru


Fix for posterity

Yura wanted to fix her beloved vintage tripod that belonged to her grandfather. The feet on the legs had broken, so she repaired them with Sugru. It was quite a tricky fix, but mouldable glue was exactly the right solution. When she discovered it had worked, her reaction is absolutely priceless (at 4:30)!