7 Creative Upcycling Ideas to Decorate to Your Home This Christmas.

The bells are ringing and that means it’s time to join the high street stampede and buy lots and lots of new stuff to get the house looking Christmassy… Or does it?

Christmas is almost synonymous with clutter. Why not avoid this and save a bit of money whilst you’re at it by upcycling the stuff you already own? The most awesome accessories can be made from the most mundane objects  - upcycling doesn’t mean downscaling!  

So without further ado, drum roll please, here are seven upcycling hacks bound to save you (and the landfill) a buck this Christmas…

Wire Clothes Hanger Wreath

Wire clothes hangers are perhaps the strongest currency in the economy of upcycling. With a variety of year-round uses ranging from unclogging drains to storing magazines, these nifty everyday items also make a fab framework to design your very own Christmas wreath. It’s surprising how cool they look even with just a bit of glue and old tinsel, but if you need a bit of extra inspiration head over to Rustic Pig Design’s tutorial.

Sugru Snowman

If you’re looking for a festive sugru fix then meet the festive sugru snowman. Grab two glass bowls from the kitchen and place them on top of each other. Decorate ‘till your heart’s content with different Sugru colours!

Light Bulb Baubles

No need to head out and buy fancy baubles when you’re bound to have the perfect DIY ingredient lying around in the house. You make your own little characters from paper mache or some sugru and you guessed it… Try hanging them on a tree with a wire coat hanger!

Christmas Card Ornaments

Let’s face it, endless heaps of Christmas cards can cause quite a clutter. Why not follow the designs of All Things Paper and make a pretty decorative item out of them instead?

Twig Candles

Spice up those boring old candles with garden twigs for a festive look. Looks even better sprayed gold or silver. Smells even better if you stick a few cinnamon sticks in the mix.

Snow Globe in a Jar

Upcycling fans will probably know about the heroic possibilities of old jam jars. It’s true. Just look at this list. For a particularly Christmassy spin, stick any christmas-themed items you have in there with some shredded paper and turn in upside down for a lovely snow globe.

Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees

Got tons of wrapping paper you don’t know what to do with? Well now you do. Make some simple paper snowflakes with it and stick a hole in the middle. To make the trunk simply roll up some stiffer paper, such as from an old grocery bag, and glue the bottom to a hard surface. 

We hope you found something that sparked your creative and festive spirit. Now, It’s time to get making!

Got any cool upcycling hacks of your own? We’d LOVE to hear about them. Please email us on [email protected] or tag @Sugru and #mysugrufix on your images on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.