7 genius Sugru ideas for your room

Moving into new digs is as exciting as it is challenging. Where to put everything? When space is limited, and the stuff keeps piling in, every millimetre counts. This is where Sugru comes in.

01. Hack your dorm room with Sugru and IKEA.

First things first, let’s get your workspace in order. This clever little hack allows you to keep all your important bits and pieces in one place. It’s an old favourite that can be adapted to suit you.

Over the years, our community has come up with loads of really useful hooks. Pretty much anywhere you need to hang something (up to 2kg/4.4lb in weight, of course), there’s a Sugru hook for the job. And, unlike most other hooks, you don’t need a drill! Or any specialist tools for that matter.


02. Hang your cans. 


Moulding a bespoke hook onto the side of your monitor is probably one of the easiest things to do ever. We guarantee, once you’ve made one of these simple hooks, you’ll think of so many other uses – keys, belts, hats, the list is endless.

03. Get your cables under control.


Whether it’s charging up the phone on your bedside table, or organising your desktop cable clutter, these Sugru grip hooks will sort you out.

Or, if you fancy getting cable creative with some Sugru and LEGO, then be our guest.

04. Make a hard drive cradle.

What’s the point in doing all that work if you don’t back it up? This incredibly simple hard drive cradle gets tucked away at the back of your monitor. Reassuringly off your desk and out of the way of spilt coffee, but well within your reach.

05. Banish mug mountain.

Did someone mention coffee? All that studying makes for thirsty work. But when you share a kitchen, finding a clean mug can be a nightmare. Encourage your roomies to wash as they go by making these handy hooks without drilling.

Easy to remove.

Then, when you graduate, you can simply remove the Sugru hooks. Just slice them off with a knife or our Sugru Remover. Scrape off any residue and wipe clean with a tissue. Your landlord or landlady will never know!

06. Claim your space in the shower.

If you share a kitchen, then you probably share a bathroom too. And that comes with a different set of negotiations. Fear not, Sugru will help you design your wet room and get organised. Use it to mount hooks directly onto the walls for your bath brushes, loofahs, flannels and shower gels. Even install a simple mount bracket and corner basket for the rest of your products and accessories – and not a drill in sight.

07. Get creative.

Not inspired yet? Then try your hand at this creative wall project. You can hang up things to remind you of home or stuff that’s going to spark your imagination for the next semester. It’s your room, so make it your own.

College life’s too much fun to be wishing you had a bigger dorm room. So if you come up with some cool space-saving ideas of your own, share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.