9 ways to make your GoPro even more amazing

Hitting the great outdoors for some adrenaline-pumping action rocks: it taps into your natural sense of adventure, takes you to wild places and the 'apres-ski' socialising element means even the painful moments pay off!

Whether you're a weekend funseeker or a extreme sports professional, recording your antics is always worthwhile - you can share footage with others who couldn't be there, perfect your performance, or develop a new skill in capturing moments that otherwise speed by in a flash. GoPro cameras are amazing for this - and Sugru can help make them work even better for you.

How? Have a look below for some inspiration!

1. Improve a GoPro mount

Sugru user SmartyPants found that his mount was too big to grip onto objects with small diameters. He added a layer of Sugru to each side of the clamp; the change in size and additional grip means he can now get perfect shots.

2. Get vibration-free footage on your bike

Avoid damaging your bike's frame with mount nuts and bolts AND reduce vibrations by using this great technique, invented by Simpleusuario. The Sugru bonds to the metal, is waterproof and will prevents knocks from travelling up into your GoPro whilst you give the trails a bashing.

3. Or even a stunt plane (seriously!)

Lauren, the best female aerobatic pilot in Britain for the 2012 season, found a way of making vibration-free footage even when flying upside-down - and here's a video to prove it! She mounted her GoPro to the wing of her biplane and off she went, at 200mph. Read her very cool story here!

4. Bond a GoPro mount to a helmet

For immediacy, aim for a first person viewpoint. If your budget doesn't stretch to Google Glass (!) then a helmet-mounted GoPro is the best way to get that angle, but conventional mounts aren't designed for that tricky curve. A chunk of Sugru solves the problem, and is removable too!

5. Put your visor to good use

If you wear a helmet with a visor, you can turn your mount upside-down to get that sought-after POV shot.

6. Filming underwater? Get a handsfree diver POV

GoPros are specially designed to give you the freedom to shoot underwater, but getting decent footage whilst swimming can be difficult - luckily Steve67 had the smart idea of mounting his GoPro to his scuba mask. Smooth shots ahoy!

7. Create your own DIY pole mount

Start in your very own film adventures, by creating your own DIY GoPro pole mount. We loved Sugruer Maj's project so much that we made a guide showing how it can be done.

8. Combine your GoPro and 3D printing

Sugru-er Danewman used his 3D printer and black sugru to create a custom GoPro lens sun hood; now he can see clearly when shooting outside.

* Update * This awesome hack has now been for a flight on a quadcopter!

9. Make your GoPro float with a coke bottle and some Sugru!

Holly and James came up with this amazing idea so that their GoPro could float. They're both web designers that travel around the world whilst keeping their clients happy!

It's simple to make, all you need is a Coke bottle lid, a 1/8th inch screw, some Sugru and 2 nuts. You'll spend a less than a couple of pounds/dollars/euros on materials, but save loads on replacing your GoPro!

...and now for a moment of pure inspiration

Before you go and get some Sugru and start work on your own projects, take a minute to enjoy a breath-taking ride on the back of an eagle! (no Sugru here, just the beauty of nature).