A Guy. A Girl. And a Campervan

How a two-month honeymoon turned into a two-year life-changing adventure.

Just before their wedding, Derrick and Paula decided to sell up, downsize and pack their limited belongings into a campervan. They were about to embark on a two-month road trip across Canada. So profound was the experience, their adventure of a lifetime ended up lasting two years. 

Watch Back To Reality – Derrick and Paula’s YouTube channel

We followed keenly as the couple fixed, made, and hacked their way across this extraordinary North American country. Their lifestyle experiment is a brilliant example of living the dream and challenging the way we think about buying and owning stuff. And how making the best of everything we have is radical and rewarding. Derrick and Paula are classic fixers. They’re deeply curious, deeply Canadian, and their can-do attitude is deeply inspirational.

See their fixes in action

If you fancy trying some of Derrick and Paula’s fixes for yourself, check out these easy how-to videos.

A clever towel grip

Handy door dampeners

Customised door handles

6 handy camping hacks for your next adventure

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