Another Blooming Beautiful Upcycling Project for the Garden

Repair is what we do and creative fixing is our game, so when we see somebody using Sugru to fix and create something beautiful for their home -  we have to share it with the world. 

Super enthusiastic Sugru user, Jag Cag Design followed up a few repairs around the home with a garden upcycling gem.

Who would have thought that a broken spade handle and an old bundt cake tin could come together to make such a perfect caddy for holding plants? Anything is possible with a few packets of Sugru.

Brown Sugru was rolled into a long snake and used to line the neck of the cake tin, after which the spade handle was pushed into the space and left for 24 hours.

Once the Sugru had set, our upcycling supremo filled the caddy with small jars of water and Zinnias - with the Sugru holding firmly in place.

During the process the cake tin was also spray painted and sanded to achieve a more vintage look. Check out the full tutorial over at Hometalk and start your own creative fixing project!