At last! Governments are tackling waste in clever ways

Bicycle mechanic repairing bike

As we're proudly approaching 10 million fixes as a community, which potentially means 10 million things saved from landfill (woohoo!) we're very glad to see some recent and not so recent government initiatives across Europe to help reduce waste which are really delivering results, at an impressive scale.

So here’s a massive Sugru high five to just a few European trailblazers making important steps away from a throwaway culture. 

France we salute you — for your decision to  ban all non-compostable plastic plates, cups and cutlery from 2020

Sweden, you're a star — for introducing a VAT cut from 27% to 12% on repair services to boost the fixing sector

Germany scores big — having reached a 87% recycling rate by making citizens pay per amount of "Restmüll" aka leftover garbage they produce

Britain congrats — for decreasing plastic bag usage by 85% with a mandatory charge for single use plastic bags

Interestingly, the final three examples include monetary incentives with impressive success. Is this the way forward in motivating people to live a more sustainable life? Tell us what you think and join the conversation over on Facebook or Twitter.