Awesome Fixperts project! Tom's arthritic hands can now close buttons.

Jane here, excited about this latest Fixperts project, it is just fantastic!

Tom has arthritis and wasn't able to close his buttons. Think about that - if you can't close your buttons, you either have to wear a velcro suit or you need to have someone to help you - not only to get dressed in the morning, but to tie your pants a few times a day after going to the loo!

Fixperts Button Fastener from Aaron Nooney on Vimeo.

Aaron, Marie, Aidan and Ally, 4 Design students from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin (my old college!) solved the problem for Tom - so now he can go about his day, fully independent. Like all the best Fixperts projects, their process was really practical - trial and error with practical prototypes before getting to the right solution. Having looked around a bit online, there's a similar product available from Good Grips - so that's great to know if you need one yourself or for someone in your family, but I love their project just the same because of their process, and also it works for shirt buttons as well as larger trousers and coat buttons.