Experience tiny living at the Tiny Digs Hotel

A tiny home at the Tiny Digs Hotel

Tiny living. We get it, we love it, heck we’ve even written about it (check out our blog post: Meet Jenna from tiny house giant journey) and we can’t ever imagine being over it. There are just too many incredible designs and builds to discover.

So you might understand how excited we were to find the Tiny Digs Hotel. Based in Portland, this is a cluster of tiny homes on wheels where you can make a reservation like at a regular hotel. Perfect for people trying tiny living spaces on for size, so to speak.

Inside a tiny home at the Tiny Digs Hotel

Pam Westra is the co-owner, and along with her husband and son, has imagined, designed and built eight tiny homes in all shapes and one size. 

Whether it's the Beach, the Modern, the Log Cabin, or the Gypsy Wagon, each house is on wheels, has a small deck and is complete with sleeping, sitting, shower and kitchen areas. Pretty amazing for spaces that share a similar footprint to most regular kitchens!

We love how each tiny home presents a different adventure for your customers. Who stays here, generally?

"We attract from young to old, business to leisure travellers. People who are visiting their kids in the area or other family members.."

Owners of the Tiny Digs Hotel

Do you have a personal favourite tiny home within the hotel?

"Well, that's easy for me..... the Cottage (above) but my husband loves his Log Cabin (below)."

Inside and outside a tiny home at the Tiny Digs Hotel

Outside and inside a tiny home at the Tiny Dig Hotel

What would you be looking for when staying in a tiny house - what are the 'must-haves' for you personally?

"A very comfy bed and super clean plus a way to make coffee and tea."

Inside a tiny home at the Tiny Digs Hotel

Inside a tiny home at the Tiny Digs Hotel

Tiny living is all about space-saving. Do you have any tips, tricks or recommendations for people getting creative with a small space?

"Well, I personally I like drop leaf tables, or attach to the wall drop-down tables. We had one in the barn, but unfortunately, we had to remove it. It was too complicated for guests, and they kept ripping it off the wall. You can see what we were aiming for in this video by Kristen Dirksen."

A kitchen area in The Tiny Digs Hotel

We’re seriously impressed with your families’ creative and building skills. Are there any tools that you’ve discovered since doing these builds that you can now not live without?

"Chopsaw, good table saw, Sawzall, skill saw, drills and drivers. Pretty basic stuff. We're not that fancy. Oh, yes, and a couple of small tools to do our Pex plumbing. The cutter and crimper."

Outside a tiny home at the Tiny Digs Hotel

Where do you currently reside and is that your ‘forever home’? 

"Before moving to Portland, Oregon, we travelled for seven years in our RV. We love living tiny in it. We've been soooooo busy getting Tiny Digs up and running since hitting Portland we have had no desire to have a land-bound home again yet. We've been in an RV park most our time in Portland, but in just a couple of days, we're moving our RV to the hotel property to live. In a couple of years down the road, we hope to build a container home or a really small log cabin. I miss a dishwasher, room to prepare big meals for guests and entertainment space, plus gardens."

Outside a tiny home at the Tiny Digs Hotel

You must always be thinking about different styles of tiny homes. Are there any more planned for the future? 

"Oh, yes! My husband..." (below on the right, Pam's son on the left) "...is sitting next to me now drawing up a plan for the next one, and another wine-themed one is already in the works. Next will be a tiki house. My Pinterest account is full of ideas!"

Owners of Tiny Digs Hotel

Thanks Pam! It's been wonderful talking to you.