We put our new Family-Safe | Skin Friendly Formula of Sugru to the test with families from our community. As ever, they taught us heaps and boosted our enthusiasm for the power of fixing even more than before! (if that's possible)

Developing this awesome new formula of Sugru has been a labour of love for several years. We did all this hard work because we believe everyone can be a fixer, whatever age they are. Kids are super smart and creative, they're the next generation of inventors, artists and engineers. Enabling them to fix and make is about so much more than saving money - it's about nurturing their creativity and confidence.

Meet just two of a several families who were generous enough to give us their time and ideas, see what they did and hear what they thought!

Meet the West Family

Say hello to Miranda and Matt, Taylor (12) and Milly (9). Miranda is the founder of the Do Book Company, and as a family, they love reading, music and being creative. 3 words they'd use to describe Sugru: colourful, easy and safe.

Fix for a longer life

Miranda fixed and improved things all around her home like this invisible fix on a jug handle, and she loved letting the kids loose to get creative with Sugru. 

Her top tip: "Try not to give kids any instructions on what to do with Sugru. You really don't have to. All children are creative, so they are naturally going to find things to do with it."

Fix for music

Taylor (12) is a budding musician and maker. He used Sugru to fix a bedroom door knob, reinforce a playstation cable and prototype a pencil sharpener jar and a guitar pedal board. 

His project: "I play lead guitar and bass guitar. I used Sugru to make a really cool pedal board from a log and magnets - it's so much nicer to use my pedals now."

Fix for creativity

Milly (9) is a budding style guru. She made a jewellery stand from a vase, created hooks for her fairy lights in the design of her favourite sweet (the Haribo fried egg) and together with her dad Matt, created unicorn bookends. 

Her top tip: "Use Sugru to improve the stuff you already have. I make all the little touches count."

Meet the Alukwu Family

Say hello to Tunde (Mom) and three of her children Zainab (16), Charis (10) and Micah (8). As a professional childminder, Tunde (and her family) love helping children and young people of all ages have fun and learn to be independent. 3 words they'd use to describe Sugru: impressive, strong, tidy.

Fix for independence

Zainab (16) is a music lover and aspiring designer. She used Sugru to repair an iPhone cable, fix her door handle and repair an expensive and much loved pair of headphones. 

Her story: "In a moment of craziness one day, I threw my headphones at the wall and they broke. I couldn't tell my parents so I just didn't use them for a year... until Sugru came along - and now they're working like new again!"

Fix for robots

Micah (8) wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up. In the meantime, he loves Star Wars and all sorts of robots. He fixed his Star Wars gun, robot toy and repaired a tea pot that his dad broke. 

His top tip: "Use it to fix everything. It doesn't look like something so soft could be so strong. But it is."

Fix for fun

Charis (10) loves people, and wants to look after others when she grows up, like her mum. She fixed the head back on a doll that her brother broke, personalised a favourite mug and made hooks to keep her room tidy.

Her top tip: "Add Sugru to your craft box. Other glues can be really sticky. Sugru isn't messy and it won't stick to your hands."

A huge thanks to all the amazing families from our community that helped test out our new Family-safe | Skin-friendly Formula. You rock!