- What difference can a designer/maker make in a few hours?

We are so proud and excited to tell you about this awesome new project started by Daniel Charny, the curator of the V&A's Power of Making exhibition, together with James Carrigan, my partner, co-Founder and Creative Director here at sugru (yes, that crazy guy in the videos :) ) is inspired by the idea that often the solutions for people's everyday problems are not as difficult as they seem. We saw with Foridha's Chair that a small quick fix can be difficult for some people, but quite easy for makers and designers. What if people with real needs, for example people with a disability, or older people were able to easily connect with designers with some free time and enthusiasm? What are the differences a designer can make by spending a few hours on a problem?

There are several projects already completed, such as helping Denise (from Enabled by Design) to be able to put in her earrings, and helping Harold to be able to see what's in his fridge. I love these stories!

James and Daniel are now looking for people to get in touch if they would like to be a Fixpert, if they have a problem and would like to be connected to a Fixpert, or indeed if you are an educator and would like to make Fixperts part of your curriculum in the year ahead. Get in touch with them at [email protected] or @fixperts on twitter!