Gadget DIY: 5 Easy Solutions to Common Tech Problems.

Common tech problems have common not-so-techie ‘anybody can do it’ solutions. It’s just that not that many people know about them - or believe that they are able to fix tech. But our increasingly necessary array of gadgets don’t come cheap, and considering how much toll E-waste takes on our planet, it seems only natural that we find achievable solutions to common techie problems.

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How to Prevent Scratches and Cracks on your Smartphone...

For most of us, the joy of a sleek and glossy new smartphone is but a fleeting moment, before the rough and tumble of everyday life produces a patchwork of scratches and cracks all over the front and back screen. Sigh. You may know putting a case on your smartphone is pretty good protection against this - but did you know these cases can be made from Sugru?

Create a Phone Shield With Sugru

Sugru is brilliant at preventing screen cracks because it sets strong. The method basically involves putting four protective edges around the phone - a detailed tutorial can be found here. We still wouldn’t recommend dropping it, but it’s a certain help for life's clumsy moments.

Kid-Proof Your Camera With Sugru

Stefan, a Sugru-er and devoted father, designed a great way to up the ante even further on this trick. Here is a camera that has been adorned with protective Sugru layers - in order to make it child-safe! 

How to Tidy and Fix Your Charging Cables...

Another eternally annoying problem: electrical cables. Especially long ones. What to do with them is the subjection of contention, and when they break and fray at the ends, it seems like all is lost. But no. Here are a few tips…

The Heating Coil Trick

Leaving your long cables in a tangled mess is a great way to get them broken - and fast. Coiling the cables is not going to damage them, at least as much as knotted cables! A great way to do this is to get a chunky pen and wrap the cable around it. Blow dry for thirty seconds or so, and when you unravel it from the pen the coil should keep shape. 

Protect Cables With Sugru

Even if you’ve taken care, sometimes those annoying frays at the end of the charging cable just can’t be prevented. Follow the tutorial here to find out how to fix them with Sugru.

How to prevent an Overheating laptop

An overheating laptop can be damaging to the system, but that's nothing a few kitchen appliances can't fix...

Laptop Fork-Fan

This one’s so easy it’s hardly a trick - but it is an effective solution to a common techie problem. Overheating laptops can be cooled with two forks positioned and secured underneath the laptop, with the tips of the fork facing down, so as to keep a gap between the bottom of the laptop and the surface.

How to stop Earphones From Falling Out...

Do your earbuds constantly fall out during workouts and walks and pretty much everywhere? Here's an inexpensive way to fix them instead of buying new ones!

Create Ear-Shaped Moulds for Earphones with Sugru

This guide offers a fantastic way to hack your earphones so that the buds take the shape of your ear and don’t fall out so much, which is pretty handy!

Repair Headphones with Sugru

Moving on to another well known music-tech problem: headphone snappage. If you have a snapped pair of headphones lying around somewhere, you’ll know the struggle. Head over here to find a tutorial of how to fix those with Sugru, too. (Hint: the end result looks a bit like this).

How to Fix a Loose Charging Port...

Over time, the micro-USB port that charges your phone can come loose, to the point where your charger might not even fit anymore.  And that can eventually become an expensive problem. Sigh.

Toothpick Method

Usually the loose charging port problem is caused by a buildup of dirt, but luckily all you really need is a thin, sharpened toothpick to get some of it out. After, the plug should stick in the socket and stay in place like it used to.

… And there you have it, these tips and tricks are a sure way to impress you techie (and resourceful) techie friends… or become THE resourceful techie friend! If want to become even more impressive, check out some other brilliant tech fixes/hacks here.