Get Your Garden Growing in the Right Direction with Sugru

We’re always on the lookout for easy fixes in the garden,  especially when the sun is shining and home improvements are limited to the smaller, slightly more enjoyable jobs. 

This nifty little project by Sugru user, Stacy Risenmay, shows an incredibly easy way to get your vines and plants growing up your garden fence beautifully  in no time.

Stacy had previously tried to tie the vines to her fence using string, which hadn’t worked out. She then moved on to using Sugru which she used to mould some very simple hooks and attached them to the fence. 

Stacy mixed some white and black Sugru together to colour match her fence, but our natural colour 8 pack should do the trick for most gardens.

Sugru sticks perfectly to wood, so after waiting 24 hours, Stacy gently hooked up her vines, sat back and enjoyed a glass of Pinot. OK, so we made that last bit up about the Pinot, but hey check out that gorgeous fence!

Sugru also sticks brilliantly to brick walls so if you’re looking to make a DIY  garden trellis to climb a brick wall then check out our no-drill step by step guide here.

Oh and if you've got time, take a look at some of Stacy’s other great projects in a blog post she wrote about Sugru here.