Gift your time and skills with the Certificate of Fixing!

Remember that feeling you got when you did your first successful fix or hack? It felt pretty amazing, right? Well, this Christmas, you can give someone that feeling!

It takes a little more than a pack of sugru :) You'll also need to give them an hour or two in their home, helping them spot and solve those little problems unique to them. Who in your family would enjoy it? Have fun. Its a really lovely thing to do with someone!

We've made it even more giftable for you with this gift certificate which we've had fun putting together. Simply print, fill out and fold into four to make the card.

You can download it here for UK A4-sized paper and here for US letter-sized paper!

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Any chance you might create a Certificate of Excellence for my nephew's well-made fix? He's new at it and I'd love to encourage his creativity!