9 helpful tips for creating an indoor garden


More and more of us have started bringing the outdoors in, and with the support of plant-loving people online - it’s easier to help plants thrive now more than ever. From growing your own food to simply maintaining plants inside, here are 8 helpful Sugru tips for creating an indoor garden.

The right plant in the right place

There’s nothing more important than placing each plant in the conditions it will love. Gardening hero Beth Chatto’s motto is the key to success. Pileas love indirect light for example, so put it somewhere bright, but don’t be tempted to put it on the windowsill for any length of time. 

Prevent watermarks on wood floors

Let the ends of your pots breathe with simple Sugru feet which will let air circulate under the pot, and are waterproof and easy to clean for years to come.

Plants need to eat as well as drink

Again, it’s a brilliant basic of gardening. Many people forget that the soil will lose its nutrients over time, so it’s important to feed your plants about every two weeks (Miraclegro is a good allrounder) and to repot into new soil about once a year.

Make supports as they grow

The silhouette of the pilea is beautiful and irregular, and these little Sugru supports I make help them stand tall and keep on thriving. You can use this trick for lots of different plants that may need a bit of direction as they grow. 

Sugru hooks let you hang little plants

Anna from the beautifully curated madeupstyle.com created some Sugru hooks to organise her smaller plants, giving them a place to shine - there's nothing better than a well placed hanging plant to bring a room together. Check out her full tutorial here. 

Sugru can seal up pots so you can stack them

I love this one, as there’s something so satisfying about these basic terracotta stacking pots. They all come with holes for drainage. I sealed up one, and so the inside one can drain, the outside one can hold any extra water.

Never forget to water a plant again

The Thirsty Plant Kit from TWSU will enable you to learn programming and take care of your plants at the same time! When your plant needs a drink, it’ll send you a tweet. Brilliant, right?

Add colour and character

Upcycling is as rewarding as gardening, so why not combine the two together! Finding ways to reuse old plant pots or fashion one from a unlikely item (such as a tea cup) can add an element of colour and character to your indoor oasis. This Kintsugi-inspired plant pot was created by Hayley in the UK with some Sunny Yellow Sugru and we absolutely love it. So much so that we're tempted to break one of ours to repair it just like hers...

Add wheels to a heavy plant pot so you can move it

This hack is from Sugru user Olivier. Some plants need to be moved to get better light on every side, others for cleaning and so on. Simply Sugru three or four casters on the end of the planter and hey presto! It’s got wheels. Sugru bonds brilliantly to ceramic so this is a really durable hack.

Create a hanging herb garden

Many of us are short for space in the kitchen. This clever idea repurposes jubilee clips and mason jars and a little Sugru to make a cool hanging herb garden on any surface. As Sugru bonds so well to glass, you can even make one on the kitchen window! Watch the video tutorial here

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