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We're drumming to a new beat

Hot Chip drummer Sarah Jones just made awesome new music for our video.

Sarah plays drums for Hot Chip (and also Bat for Lashes, New Young Pony Club and lots of other amazing bands). She’s also the talented lady who composed the music in our Meet Sugru video! Have you seen it? You can watch it here

We’re so thrilled to have her as a part of our project. Sarah is a brilliant and accomplished musician, but she’s equally a no frills, down-to-earth person, and totally true to herself. She recently decided to go solo, creating her own “wonky electro-pop” as Pillow Person. It’s as kooky as it is catchy and we love her playfulness. After years of sitting at the back, she threw caution to the wind to do her own thing, fully encouraged by her Hot Chip bandmates. Pretty great, huh? You can watch her latest and delightfully bizarre video below. 

Plus, she’s a bit of a Sugru-er herself, which makes us love her even more. She uses Sugru to fix cables and make hooks because, as she says, Sugru makes for a tidy studio! She’s also about to try out Sugru tipped drum sticks for a bouncy and quieter practice... We’re excited to see how her project turns out. 

If you fancy yourself some good music, here's Hot Chip's soundcloud, too. 

Pillow Person - On Your Way

3m 22s

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