How to give some good this Christmas


This year, let’s take the time to give thoughtfully. Buy things that are made to last, or made from recycled materials. Consider used and pre-loved stuff or handmade gifts. Choose local and responsibly sourced where we can. Going for more meaningful and creative gifts is not only better for the planet but it’s more personal and fun too.

If you’re making a list of responsible gifts and looking for inspiration, we’re here to help. Check out 11 of our favourite brands that offer community and environmentally conscious products.

Patagonia Worn Wear

In the Olympics of an increasingly competitive sustainable clothing market, Patagonia may just win gold. This company sells quality, outdoor wear made from recycled fabrics or sustainable materials like hemp – one of the most durable natural fibres on the planet. Not only does Patagonia create products that don’t need constantly replacing, but it also has a ‘Worn Wear’ scheme, which shares helpful DIY instructions that actively encourages us to get fixing! Then, once an item is truly at the end of its life, customers simply trade it for credit at a store and use it to buy a new recycled item. These simple steps help us lessen our fashion footprint and thereby reduce global waste. So much more than a great clothing gift idea.

Wool and the Gang - #Greengang

A DIY fashion brand selling yarn and kits for anyone looking to get creative, Wool and the Gang has been a Sugru favourite for some time. But now the stakes have been raised. Wool and the Gang has teamed up with Friends of the Earth to launch #Greengang (with a little help from the genius Vivienne Westwood!). This collaboration sees the launch of a new yarn called Heal the Wool – made from recycled Peruvian wool fibre. On top of this, 30% of the retail price will go straight to Friends of the Earth to tackle climate change. Oh, and as if this wasn’t impressive enough, #Greengang is fast becoming a hub for female ‘eco-warrior’ fashion designers get together and showcase their work. Seriously, it’s the coolest gang in town.

ASOS Recycled Denim - Eco Edit

It takes approximately 8000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans, so you can imagine how much the Earth thanks us for buying a recycled pair. Introducing the ASOS recycled denim range.  What’s more, the range is only part of a wider ASOS commitment to responsibility. The Eco Edit section of the retailer’s website is dedicated to ethically produced fashion, accessories and beauty products. All the brands meet strict sustainability criteria, so they’ll have something to suit whichever ethical issue you want to channel through your gift.

ADIDAS - Parley Ocean Plastic Trainers

Sports giant ADIDAS updated one of its classic 90’s shoe designs with yarns made from waste ocean plastic: upcycled waste. This update was part of the brand’s long-term commitment to Parley for the Oceans – a scheme dedicated to supporting innovation and creativity around the use of materials in product development. Could be the perfect gift for any adventurous friend.

Millican Sustainable Bags

The clue is in the title. Millican make great sustainable bags for the conscious traveller. The brand continues the no-plastic theme in many of their designs. With a focus on durability, they make bags that are ‘designed to last a lifetime’. The company fundamentally believes that using less makes for more, going to show that making the most out of what we have is one of the best ways we can make a difference.

Volunteer Travel Voucher

While we’re on the subject of travel, there is a range of travel companies that offer globetrotting opportunities with ethics and responsibility at the core of the experience. Responsible Travel is a pioneer of ecotourism, providing volunteering trips from Malaysia to Costa Rica. A perfect choice if you want to splash out on someone special.


For the techies, iameco produce the world’s first ecologically sustainable computers. With minimum production waste, the D4R laptop is designed for longevity. It is upgradable and sees a reduction of at least 75% of water utilisation throughout its lifetime. Nice.


Standing proudly in green-tech innovation is Fairphone – it is to smartphones what iameco is to laptops! As the world’s first ethical smartphone, it’s built to last with replaceable modules. The company also collaborates on initiatives that source conflict-free manufacturing materials such as tin. For us, it’s win-win.

Vineyard Candles

Meet the Cornish artisans of funky glassware and candles made from repurposed wine and beer bottles. Each Vineyard Candle takes on the aroma of a popular alcoholic beverage from Prosecco to Merlot. Which reminds us, Christmas is definitely on its way. In case you’d forgotten.

Not sure what you’re looking for yet? Want to keep your options open? Don’t worry. provides a range of responsible gift ideas. They even have a recycled section with gifts made from materials like old vinyl records and fire hoses. There’s also energy saving electronics and a selection of green office supplies.


If you know someone who values handmade and vintage items, then head over to for a range of gifts from local sellers and manufacturers. If you search by location, you’ll find unique items from sellers just around the corner from you. Hint: they have a great Christmas gift guide to help you along your way.

We hope you’ve found something different here to give your loved ones this coming festive season! This is only a jumping off point, there’s a hugely diverse market out there for responsible gifts, and it’s only growing and getting stronger. Let’s support them!

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