How to fix damaged headphones

Headphones fixed with Sugru

You’re lost in music. You couldn’t feel more alive. Then, suddenly, horror of horrors, the SOUND OF SILENCE.
Don’t let a little thing like damaged headphones stop the music. Sugru will get you back on track.


Kit required to fix headphones with Sugru

• Your beloved headphones
• A knife or scissors
• A lighter or matches
• Electrical tape
• 1 single-use pack of Sugru

Insulation on headphone wire stripped off

Step 1

Strip off the insulation by carefully running a knife or scissors around the outside of the cable to remove the outer shielding. Do not cut the wires.

Lit match used to burn off insulating varnish on headphone cable

Step 2

Separate the wires and use a lighter or a match to burn off the insulating varnish. Be careful with a flame.

Hand holding exposed metal wire of headphone cable

Step 3

Splice both ends by first picking up the two exposed areas of wire that you want to connect. Place them parallel to each other and twist together to join them. 

Electrical tape applied to exposed wire of headphone cable

Step 4

Wrap the joined wires in electrical tape to insulate them from each other. Cover all exposed wires with tape. 

Sugru applied to headphone cable

Step 5

Use half a pack of Sugru to wrap around the cable. 

Hands smoothing Sugru on headphone cable

Step 6

Mould it and smooth it.

Headphones fixed with Sugru

Step 7

Leave the Sugru to set for 12-24 hours. Then press play.