How to make awesome waterproof knee patches for kids' trousers

One of our favourite things in the world is to see what you all fix and modify and make with sugru, so we love all the pictures sent by our users! And sometimes there are hacks, like this one here by Ellen, who has saved her son's favourite trousers with a knee patch and sugru, that set our imagination in motion.

What if you made sugru knee patches, so that the pants wouldn't rip in the first place?

They would also be waterproof, so great for playing in sand and mud!

And you could still wash the pants as hot as necessary, as sugru is tough enough for this!

The more we thought about it, the more we loved the idea. And so, after a few trials and errors, we found a great way to do this and made this step by step instructable for you - so it's super easy for you to do this project yourself at home. It makes a fantastic project for a summer weekend :)

You'll notice also added some suggestions for texturing the patches, like letting a favourite toy leave some marks... What would you use for texturing? PS Big thanks to Freddie and Stanley for roadtesting these for us, you guys are super cool!