How not to lose your tortoises in the garden

A couple of days ago we got one of those emails that makes us all grin from ear to ear. Over to Lou from Oxford to tell her story...

These are my tortoises Walnut and Nick! I was constantly losing them in the garden so I bought them some GPS trackers. The problem was how to fix them to the tortoises. I didn't want to glue them as I was worried it would damage their shells. So I tried making webbing harnesses secured with Velcro but they kept walking off and leaving them behind!

I'd given up and thought I'd wasted my money buying the trackers, but then, I discovered sugru!

I carefully wrapped the tortoises in cling film after dark when they were still and then modelled the sugru around them. Now I can just pull the harnesses on and off as I like but the tortoises can't!

Thanks to sugru I know I can tuck the boys up safe in their boxes every night and I don't have to spend an hour each evening searching for them!

Jane loved it so much that she decided to feature them in her talk at the Wired Conference 2013 in London yesterday!