Learn how to make your own patterned pots with Fall for DIY

Does your home need a little uplift? Create some joy with these gorgeous patterned pots by maker Fran Stone from Fall For DIY. Her tutorial is super easy, and apparently, the process is as therapeutic as the outcome! 🌱😌


  • Sugru
  • Planters/pots/containers

Step One

Open a pack of Sugru and check the colour match with your pot. Alternatively, you could create contrasting colours allowing you to skip the next step.

Step Two

Sugru can be mixed to create new colours. A pack of white and grey made this shade. Always start by adding a small amount of the darker colour to the lighter one. 🎨

Step Three

Break off pieces of Sugru and roll them into balls, tubes, or points. Sugru has a working time of 30 minutes, so design your shapes with this in mind.

Step Four

Press your crafted Sugru shape onto the surface of the plant pot. Use your fingers to gently mould the shape. 

Step Five

Build up the pattern then leave to set for 24 hours.  

Now you can repot your leafy friends and watch them grow happy in their new home! 👏