Look! No Scissors!

single-use pack of sugru being teared open without scissors

Sugru Mouldable Glue is insanely easy to use and you don’t need any tools to work with it. Yet it’s always struck us as a little ironic that you do need scissors to open the single-use packs. So, when we began developing our Family-safe | Skin-friendly formula, we knew it was time to revisit our pack design.

And isn’t it beautiful!

With two straight corners (for those who like straight lines), and two rounded corners (we like curves), the key functional breakthrough is that the straight corners allow you to tear open the pack. No offence scissors!

As for the rounded corners? Pure, unadulterated aesthetics. Go see for yourself.

To be continued… more about our new packaging next time.


hand holding single-use packs of sugru
hands holding single-use packs of sugru in different colours